The hims Guide to Surviving New Year's Eve

The hims Guide to Surviving New Year's Eve

New Year’s Eve is easily one of the world's most hyped holidays. Though objectively speaking there’s nothing particularly remarkable about the start of just another day, people go to great lengths to make New Year's Eve a night of epic proportions.

But with so much hype, it's easy for the night to fall apart. Everyone has a friend who can tell them a story about a New Year’s Eve crashing and burning. If you’re feeling a little nervous about your New Year's rendezvous, fear not, fellas. 

This is The hims Guide to Surviving New Year's Eve.

Load Up on Protein and Good Fatty Foods

Unless you've decided to be designated driver or don’t consume alcohol, chances are that you'll be tossing a few back tonight. Nobody wants to wake up the next day hungover or even worse, end the night early because you’ve gotten a little bit too buzzed.

Of course, having any food in your belly before a night of debauchery or slight overindulgence is always good. But the research suggests proteins and other foods high in "good fats" (fatty fish, avocados, cheese, nuts, etc.) are the best way to ensure your odds of a hangover are lower, and the booze you'll soon imbibe takes longer to absorb.

So stock up and eat well to get things moving before the ball-droppin' festivities commence. 

Your pants might fit a little tighter, but you'll thank us New Year's Day. 

Plan Your Rides

If there's one thing we know about NYE, it's that where the party begins often isn't where it ends. Generally, it's a long night. It’s reasonable to want to go to various parties. But if you plan all your rides last minute, you'll end up wasting a hefty amount of cash. Ask someone in your friend group to be the designated sober driver. If nobody is up for it, look into when the peak hours for ride-share apps are going to be to avoid price surges. While nothing is definitive, you can typically expect surge pricing between 8 p.m. and 11 p.m., and then again from 12 a.m. to 3 a.m., give or take.

If that sounds a little too difficult to work around, most popular apps like Lyft® and Uber® offer shared rides feature, where you can ride along with other passengers heading in the same direction.

Do you feel like having a truly epic night? Maybe split a limousine or party bus with your friends, if it proves cost effective and convenient enough.

The most important thing is: do not operate a motor vehicle if you've been drinking, or get in one with someone who has. Get to where you're going safely, so you can ring in the new year the way you want to.

Protect Your Phone — And Keep it Charged

A lot of things can happen to your phone on New Year’s Eve. You can drop it while taking your millionth selfie; take it for an unintentional dip in the toilet, pool or punch bowl; or have a drunk friend accidentally spill their drink all over it.

To avoid all these catastrophes, protect your smartphone with a proper case. Keep it in your front pocket so it doesn't get pinched, and make sure you don't leave it somewhere some random jerk can grab it.

Trust us, you’ll be thanking us when your buddy is frantically searching for an open discount phone repair store on New Year's Day. There's always somebody. 

And of course, don't forget to charge it. Seriously, there's nothing worse than looking for the next party at 2 a.m. but not being able to rendezvous with friends because your phone is dead and you can't hop in someone else's ride share. Bring an extra USB cable to plug in somewhere, or even better, invest in a rechargeable battery. They're bona fide life savers when you're low on juice. 

Get Out of Town

Not everyone wants to spend the big night party-hopping. That’s totally fine. Ask a few friends if they'd like to go out of town with you and have a more low-key New Year’s Eve. This could be a great excuse to just go to a new environment and take a little break from same everyday places and people.

After all, for a lot of people, the ringing in the new year isn't about going out and getting hobgobbled with a bunch of strangers; it's about being with the people who matter and starting the new year on the right foot.

Whether you do that in your home, someone else's, a big club, or in a small intimate cabin two hours outside the city in the middle of the woods (which personally sounds awesome to us), just make sure you're happy where you are, with whoever you're there with.

Throw Your Own Get-Together

Another option for people who don’t necessarily want to go out but do want to celebrate the momentous occasion is to throw your own get-together.

Whether it’s a small intimate gathering or a full-on rager, the best part will definitely be that everyone has to come to you, no one needs to spend a fortune on transportation and everyone stays safe.

Buy some champagne, put on your favorite playlist and don’t forget the seven-layer dip. 

Don’t Freak Out About (Not Having) a Kiss

Face it: part of what makes New Year's Eve so special is being able to share that classic New Year's Eve smooch with your favorite person. Whether it's that complete stranger you've been locking eyes with from across the room all night, your committed partner or any willing participant who strikes the right mood with you while the ball is dropping.

If this is the predicament you find yourself in, good on ya. Have fun.

But what if you don't have someone to smooch? While your coupled up friends have a guaranteed set of lips to pucker up for, you might be looking around awkwardly and trying your best to avoid the moment altogether.

Don’t panic — everyone has been there. Embrace your single status and just live in the moment. Don’t overthink the symbolic nature of the New Year's Eve kiss. If you’re surrounded by the right people, it won’t matter that much anyway.

Avoid Outlandish New Year’s Resolutions

In addition to obsessing over finding a New Year’s kiss, there’s a tendency to go above and beyond when it comes to setting a New Year's resolution for yourself.

When thinking about your resolution (or resolutions, if you're feeling particularly ambitious), be realistic and honest with yourself: what can you improve during this new year? How can you use this ritual to actually better yourself?

As New Year’s Eve approaches, write a list of the things you want to work on. From there, narrow down your resolution to something that you think is not only possible but the most necessary. 

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Don’t Do Anything

Though you should always try to venture out of your comfort zone, New Year’s Eve is not for everyone and you shouldn’t feel pressured to partake in a holiday that just makes you stressed. There’s nothing wrong with just sitting the whole ritual out and staying at home with a nice glass of scotch and some Chinese takeout. Your friends might text and call and try to get you to go out, but if you’re just not feeling it, there’s no reason to cave in.

Either way, Happy New Year's, gents! Make it a good one!

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